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Site Specific Wall Drawings

Drawing is central to my practice as an artist. I draw to investigate the properties of abstract curvilinear form found in the localized conditions of my surrounding environment. This experience is sublimated in a process both primal and analytical in developed drawings that are composed of deeply layered intersecting geometries and invite the viewer to contemplate presence in the fluidity of time.

My sources of large and small, old and new. They range from ancient Roman architecture to Korean pottery and the work of painters like Pontormo, Philip Guston, and Ingres. My sources also include maps, urban planning, weather patterns, and the geology of the natural landscape. But mostly my sources come from everyday life and the experiences of living in this place and time.

I make drawings to forge a path to new territories of my perception. Using pencil on paper or directly on the wall, I explore a singular concept- a reaffirmation of place: a lived emotional and physical experience in sensation and memory. Linear or solid, dense or transparent, the drawings move from one to the next in ephemeral yet solid works that celebrate light and space. My drawings are a mechanism of idea, desire, and presence, these works seek a way of being that is quiet, continuous and alive.

site specific wall drawing
graphite on wall
9 ft. x 13 ft.
DRIVER detail
graphite and gesso
graphite and pencil
80" x 196"
Wall Drawing
graphite and gesso on wall in two panels
A Field Guide to Getting Lost
pencil and gesso on wall
9 feet x 9 feet